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At the time of writing this report, Bitcoin priced at $9,266.00

The price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin continued to rise overnight, moving past $9,200 on Sunday morning to yet another in a long string of all-time highs.

The cryptocurrency’s total market value is now more than $150 billion.

Other cryptocurrencies have also had a very strong week, with Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash also up for the week.

This continues a roughly eight-month winning streak for Bitcoin and other cryptos, which use decentralized ledgers and cryptographic security to move value over the internet. Since April 20, when it was worth just over $1,200 (per, Bitcoin has risen nearly 650%.

The extended surge can be explained most of all by the entrance of a broader swathe of global retail investors into the market. Previous Bitcoin surges generated headlines and gave skeptics a chance to familiarize themselves with the technology, but it’s far easier for individuals to actually buy cryptocurrency today, through a huge number of online exchanges, than it was back in 2013.