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Platform Features

Onboarding, login, and registration components

Allowing the user/trader to register, confirm registration, and authenticate/login to start using the platform. Users can create a demo account as well as open a live one.


User panel

Onboarding, profile management, KYC process, open wallet, and deposit & withdraw.


User account settings

Details account overview and status with useful configurable sections, such as Avatar, mobile number, address, and profile info.


Exchange leverage

Spot margin, and futures’ order matching support.


Multi-asset trading mode

It allows the use to combine different types of assets, such as forex, stocks, options, futures, crypto, indices to create a more nimble and broadly diversified portfolio.


Trading Portfolio – Orders & History

Allowing the user to view and manage the open and pending orders, and see the history of all transactions with balance overview, floating profit/loss, P/L change percentage, commissions, and fees.


Market news & updates

Rendering news streams directly from RSS or JSON endpoints, or API’s, with the possibility to integrate social media feed.


Notifications Center

Notification and alert system for web and mobile platforms. (push notification for Mobile app)


Limit, stop, pending, and market order types

Variety of order types, each with unique characteristics to manage your strategy, with the support for Stop Loss and Take Profit risk management.


Custom charting tool

A complete open-source charting tool with zero dependencies on third parties, offering the flexibility to add custom feature and scale it on-demand.


Back Office System Features

User management System

Manage users/traders, activate, deactivate and edit profile details


User documents management

Manage and approve KYC and contract documents


Order management

Manage orders (modify, terminate, create), edit specific trade conditions, and more.


Assets list management

Add/remove assets, create lists, manage trading conditions, and more.


Fund Management

Manage the user/trader balance/fund manually or automatically through payments gateways.


Spread, Leverage, & Order book Management

Set the the spread (fixed or floating), manage the leverage for each asset and market, and trading conditions.


News feed source settings

Manage the news and market update data feed.


Risk Management Features

Liquidity data feed

Connect tradable live and historical market data. Support FIX, JSON, GraphQL, and WebSocket engines.


Trading book management

Manage liquidity bridges and risk strategies. Supports B-Book, A-Book and C-Book.
Requires integration with the liquidity provider.


Developer tools and support

Developer trading API

Enable the traders to connect to the platform’s API and execute trades using their favourite UI.